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MD Wholesale vision and mission is to provide solution and improve health by providing an advanced, standard based medical supplies and equipment that can support by global health facility that initiates to improve the outcome for patients.

Our professional team oversee a world of high quality standard medical supplies and equipment that can be leveraged to improve health outcomes in all types of medical facility environment.

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Organized and registered as Mariano Prime LLC (MPLLC) in June 8, 1998. The office is located at 255 Farenholt Ave., (Oka) Tamuning,Guam, USA. MPLLC started as a pharmacy retailer and later in 2002 formed MD Wholesale as Distributor/Wholesaler of Pharmaceutical,OTC, Medical,Dental and Laboratory products. MPLLC has developed a real efficient service that bridges supply gap of its quality products going to its customers.

Formed and conceptualized in January of 2002. The Distributor/Wholesaler arm M.D. WHOLESALE is serving the Guam, Northern Marianas (Saipan), Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau and the Marshall Islands, medical communities. MD Wholesale plays a major and vital role in supplying its quality products to Guam and its neighboring islands. Among its major customers are the Government of Guam, Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, Local and Government Health Institutions and autonomous agencies. A Guam warehouse with complete stocks of pharmaceuticals and medical products along with logistics efficiency.It aims to deliver its customer’s critical medical and pharmaceutical needs on time successfully along with professionalism.

MD WHOLESALE “Bridging The Supply Gap”


MD WHOLESALE “Dental Supply”


Dental products is another line of supplies we are as efficient. We cater to most local and off island dental clinics. From dental chairs to miscellaneous dental supplies MD Wholesale can easily bring products in a timely manner to its customers.

Its known strength and successes are more on trust between its people, quality product supplies and customers. All these are fully back by a hundreds of reliable pharmaceutical and medical product lines that caters specifically to our local Guam community medical needs.Also accepts special order medications to patients with special needs and that are not readily available on island. These are medications that are unique and hard to get items for the special needy. Chemo drugs, HIV medications, drug test kits, Tuberculosis medications are only a few examples of these special medications that we can easily provide to our local community.


MD Wholesale is HUBZone

MD Wholesale is HUBZone certified and one of the authorized TRICARE DME provider for Guam. As we currently provided emergent items as needed to US Naval Hospital Guam and other US Federal agencies present on Island.

MD Wholesale has expanded its product lines to janitorial and office supplies.

MPLLC is pursuing expansions and acquiring strategic real estate and developing new facilities for marketing its additional products in its pipeline, continue to capture changes in management and logistics to compete and be the best in its industry. It had started investing in hospitals and distribution/wholesaling in Asia.

Real time true service, good logistics and on time delivery, capability, industry knowledge and experience is what Mariano Prime LLC has in its group to deliver your Pharmaceutical product needs.



MD Wholesale is a Leading Provider Of High Quality Supplies, Pharmaceutical and Equipment in Guam and in the Pacific

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